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Ben Franklin observed that death and taxes were two of life’s few certainties. We must add a third. Every owner will exit from his business, one way or another. Either during your lifetime or at death,your business will be given away, sold, or liquidated. These three outcomes are not exit strategies.

The word “strategy” implies a desirable result. Death is not a strategy! There are, in fact, four plausible exit strategies. Identifying as early as possible your most likely exit strategy creates a clear path to what is needed to achieve a successful exit. The four possible exit strategies are:

1. Pass to Family
2. Sell to Outside Third Parties
3. Sell to Inside Key Employees
4. Planned Liquidation

The Benefits of Exit Planning for Business Owners

A well-designed and implemented exit plan is a powerful and valuable business and personal planning tool.  As a business owner, an exit plan enables you to:

  • Achieve your business and personal goals
  • Learn how and when to maximize the value of your business
  • Facilitate your retirement and financial security
  • Control how and when you exit
  • Ensure the survival and growth of your business
  • Preserve family harmony
  • Reduce employee and family uncertainty
  • Protect the value of your business in good times and bad
  • Minimize, defer, or eliminate capital gains, estate, and income taxes
  • Have strategic options from which to choose

On the other side of the equation, the failure to have a well-defined exit plan results in real costs to business owners.  Without a comprehensive plan, you may:

  • Undervalue your company leaving hard-earned wealth on the table
  • Pay too much in capital gains and estate taxes
  • Lose control over the exit process
  • Fail to realize your personal, financial, or business goals during the exit process

Experience has shown that a business owner who sells his business without an exit plan, typically sells for too little.  Worse yet, if you do nothing and the business is sold after you become disabled or die, the value of your business may decrease and the sales process may become a burden to your family.  That is typically not the legacy most business owners want to leave behind.

We are not attempting to convince you to sell your business today.  We are attempting to build a relationship that includes a cooperative effort in planning for the day you decide or are unexpectedly  required to do so.  Our members provide the services required to assist you in accomplishing the results you have envisioned and deserve.

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